Masuk dalam Lima Besar Blog Terbaik 2008 Versi Maverick Indonesia

Masuk dalam Lima Besar Blog Terbaik 2008 Versi Maverick Indonesia

Blog masuk dalam 5 besar blog “Click of The Year” 2008 pilihan Maverick Indonesia. Saya berterima kasih kepada tim Maverick yang memilih blog ini sampai akhirnya masuk dalam Lima Besar blog terbaik versi Maverick. Berikut ini artikel yang dimuat weblog Maverick. (KSP)

2008 Maverick “Click of The Year” goes to…

In Maverick, we’re not only serious about blogging; we also have lots of fun with it! Click of The Week has become our new racing game, where Maverick kids compete to spot journalists blogs over the net and have it being reviewed in our blog.

Each year, during Maverick’s Media Gathering, we crowned a journalist as the recipient of our Click of The Year Award.Judged by the Mavericks (cat-fight involved), this award is given to the most outstanding journalist blog from our 2008 Click of The Week list, and convey these following qualities:

Attractiveness of the issues covered (read: what’s attractive and sexy enough for Maverick kids)

Writing styles

Clarity in presenting opinion – this matters because we believe the differentiator of blogs compared to conventional media is the ablity of blog to capture the writer’s personal opinion.

Blog design and layout

From 15 journalist blogs featured in our Click of The Week, 5 nominees were selected by Maverick kids.

They are:

Manda La Mendol who writes about culinary adventure—and we love food!

Robert Adhi Kusumaputra who writes about current issues and regularly reviewing others’ blogs

Merry Magdalena who writes about feminism issues (no wonder, most of the associates here in Maverick are women; sassy ones)

Irawan Santoso who writes about law and high-profile court cases

Kelik M. Nugroho who writes about his vintage collections of LP records

Once the nominees were selected, Maverick kids were cat-fighting with each other to ensure that the blog they nominate would win the award. This is done by highlighting and “selling” the quality of the blog they’ve selected to other Mavericks; debating on certain criteria, and raising our hands up high when disagreeing upon something (of course, this is done while munching a bowl of cakue and sipping cups of coffee).

After spending more than 2 hours debating on who should win this year’s Click of The Year Award, the Mavericks decided that the award goes to Irawan Santoso and his blog, RECHSTAAT (interesting, turn out that the Mavericks just love to read about law—or is it about the lawyers?

Irawan Santoso received a plaque from Maverick’s Ong Hock Chuan a.k.a. Austin Powers]

On Maverick Night Fever last Thursday, we officially crowned Irawan as the winner of 2008 Maverick Click of The Year (last year, Andreas Harsono from Pantau received this award).

Irawan is not a new to some of the Mavericks, because he is also the winner of 2006 and 2007’s Anugerah Adiwarta Sampoerna journalism award in law category.

Congratulations! Keep blogging! Blog on!

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One response to “Masuk dalam Lima Besar Blog Terbaik 2008 Versi Maverick Indonesia

  1. Kelik M. Nugroho

    Thank you Maverick Indonesia for your appreciation on my blog. I endorse this such effort to enhance the quality of content’ blogs managed by Indonesian bloggers. Bravo Maverick.

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