Maverick Indonesia: Click of The Week #33: Robert Adhi Kusumaputra

Blog ini mendapat apresiasi dari Maverick Indonesia, terpilih sebagai blog “Click of The Week #33: Robert Adhi Kusumaputra”. Terima kasih kepada sahabat-sahabat saya di Maverick Indonesia, yang memilih blog ini. Berikut ini catatan lengkap Maverick Indonesia. (KSP)
Maverick Indonesia:

“I’m a journalist of Kompas Daily, Indonesia. This blog represents my views and opinions on urban problems, crime, lifestyle, technology, and daily life. Some of my articles even got published in Kompas Daily and Kompas Online, while the others were written specifically for this blog.”

His love affair with blogging started on 31 Dec 2006, when he launched his Blog Adhi Ksp. Before long, this blog became his playground where he can write about various topics that interest him. He shares a pragmatic view of our earthly problems relating to government policy, metropolitan issues, and public facility maintenance, to art, technology and lifestyle. What I like most about this blog is the way Adhi’s able to express his views with confidence, supported with good arguments.

Despite of his busy schedule as a journalist, Adhi still manages to post an article on a daily basis.

Writing is not new to Adhi. He started writing when he was in junior high, and in his years as a high school student, Adhi became the coordinator of his school magazine. At the university, Adhi continued to show his passion by becoming a part time writer and a photographer for a magazine.

As a journalist, Adhi understands the potential that blog can bring to the profession. No wonder if he encourages his fellow journalists to start blogging as well.

Besides his personal blog, he also has a blog where he reviews other Indonesian bloggers. So far, he has five blogs and each is catered to focus on a specific field of interest, they are:
and one at Multiply.

It’s also amazing that although his blog is written in Indonesian, so far it has been visited by 246,000 visitors from 140 countries!


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