Taiwan publisher launches free metro newspaper

Makin banyak negara yang meluncurkan suratkabar gratis, yang dibagikan di Metro, subway, KA bawah tanah ataupun MRT. Taiwan, salah satunya. (KSP)

Taiwan publisher launches free metro newspaper

dpa German Press Agency

Published: Sunday March 25, 2007

Taipei- A Taiwan newspaper group launched a free metronewspaper Monday, hoping to expand the group’s influence among mass-transit passengers.Upaper, pronounced Your Paper and issued by the United Daily News (UDN) group, appeared at the 114 entrances of the Taipei Mass RapidTransit system (Taipei MRT).

The 48-page tabloid will be availableMondays through Fridays.The paper devotes half its pages to advertising and the other halfto news and entertainment.Press reports said that UDN paid the Taipei MRT 140 million Taiwandollars (4.2 million US dollars) for exclusive rights to launchUpaper.

About 1 million people ride the Taipei MRT system, which hasboth elevated and underground rails.In recent years, there have been three free-of-charge metronewspaper on the Taipei MRT, but all proved underfinanced and short-lived.

dpa German Press Agency

URL http://rawstory.com/news/dpa/Taiwan_publisher_launches_free_metr_03252007.html


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